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Checkered Plate

Tarmal Steels

Chequered plates, are metal plates with regular and even pattern of projection on either side showing different types of shapes while the reverse side remains smooth. It comes in various shapes such as diamond, tear drop or embossed. Such plates feature high aesthetic value while extensive skid-proof quality owing to the projections. They also enjoy slip resistance, wear ability and self-draining trait. Since they are attractive and skid-proof, they are widely used in day-to-day life. Construction and engineering industries regularly use them for making platform and stair treads. They are also used in agricultural and automobile purposes.

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Sizes Available :

3mm KG Q235/SS400
5mm KG Q235/SS400
4mm KG Q235/SS400
6mm KG Q235/SS400
8mm KG Q235/SS400
10mm KG Q235/SS400
12mm KG Q235/SS400