H Beams

Tarmal Steels

An H-beam gets its name because over its cross-section it looks like a capital H and has a wider flange as compares to I-Beam. H-beams are used in the bridge construction, buildings, cranes, truck trailers and in a wide variety of other applications.

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Sizes Available :

100 x 100 KG ASTM-A36
125 x 125 KG ASTM-A36
150 x 150 KG ASTM-A36
200 x 200 KG ASTM-A36
200 x 200 KG Q235/SS400
250 x 250 KG ASTM-A36
250 x 250 KG Q235/SS400
300 x 300 KG Q235/SS400
400 x 400 KG Q235/SS400
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