Return, Refund & Exchange Policy

We realize that it is our duty to deliver products in a perfect condition and quality.  However, some incidents are out of our control like products getting damaged in transit or any other way. Therefore, we follow the return and refund/exchange policy mentioned below to facilitate our customers and avoid any inconveniences for them.

Kindly go through all the rules carefully.

  • If the product is damaged before or during delivery, we take full responsibility for that. All you have to do is return the damaged product that you receive within the specified time period which is 3 Days.
  • The product will not be accepted for refund after 3 days even if it is damaged or broken. Hence, customers are advised to check the condition of the good within three days of receipt and inform us immediately.
  • Plus, our return and refund policy is strictly for broken or damaged goods. We will not entertain customers who want to return the items for any other reason.
  • The same rules apply for exchange policy too. Customers are allowed to exchange the damaged or broken product if they get back to us within 3 days of delivery.