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MS Sheets/Plates

Tarmal Steels

Steel Plate, are simple steel sheet that can be customarily cut and welded to develop a more elaborate product. It is made by compressing multiple steel layers together into one; forming a plate of steel. Steel Plate is commonly used to strengthen foundations and uphold mass units of weight like bridges. Alternatively, it provides a base for construction of larger materials and non-workable parts.

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Sizes Available :

3mm KG Q235/SS400
4mm KG Q235/SS401
5mm KG Q235/SS402
6mm KG Q235/SS403
8mm KG Q235/SS404
10mm KG Q235/SS405
12mm KG Q235/SS406
14mm KG Q235/SS407
16mm KG Q235/SS408
18mm KG Q235/SS409
20mm KG Q235/SS410
25mm KG Q235/SS411